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ODB Reality Show Is A Go, ODB Widow Battles For Estate   Print 
Wednesday, 24 November 2004
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After his untimely passing on the 13th, Ol' Dirty Bastard's family has confirmed that his reality show - "Stuck on Dirty" - will proceed.

Spike TV execs announced plans to put the show's airing on hold, ODB's mom, Cherry Jones, has decided along with ODB's manager Jared Weisfeld that the show is on.

Weisfield told the New York Daily News: "We decided that for his fans this was a no-brainer. Dirty would have wanted it and the show has to air."

Production for "Stuck on Dirty" wrapped just weeks before ODB collapsed and died in a Manhattan recording studio. The show, based on a fan living with Dirty and electronically connected to him for five days, will air in early 2005.

The premise is that the fan cannot stray more than 10 feet from ODB. An electronic device connecting the two sounds if and wen he does, and the prize fund of $25,000 goes down by $5,000 every time it happens.

In reference to the fact that ODB didn't bathe once during the filming period, the show's producers said, "Dirty led a very dirty lifestyle. They didn't call him Ol' Clean Bastard."

In related news, ODB's relatives are battling over his estate less than a week after his funeral. Icelene Jones, ODB's former wife and mother of three of his seven kids, has begun pursuing legal action against Cherry Jones. The rapper had no will.

Icelene is reportedly attempting to bar ODB's children from other relationships from taking part in his estate.

"Icelene is greedy, not grieving," Weisfield said. "They haven't lived together for years! The other four kids are his blood, and they deserve what they're entitled to."

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