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ODB Lives Through 'Osirus', May Have Died From An Overdose   Print 
Wednesday, 08 December 2004

ODBAn Ol' Dirty Bastard posthumous release is due in January, less than two months after his death.

Osirus, featuring 15 new songs, is set to come out on JC Records (Jarred Cherry Records), a label started by and will by O.D.B.'s mother, Cherry Jones, and his manager, Jarred Weisfeld.

O.D.B., aka Russell Jones, died last month in a Manhattan recording studio, two days before his 36th birthday. Jones, a member of the seminal rap group Wu-Tang Clan, was known for hits such as "Got Your Money," his unique delivery and insane shenanigans.

O.D.B. had also been working on an album for Roc-A-Fella Records. A representative for Roc-A-Fella said Tuesday said that project will be released early next year.

According to Weisfeld, JC Records will release another album in March featuring Dirty's crew, the Brooklyn Zu. The collective consists of Dirt, Buddha Monk, Shorty Sh-- Stain, 12 O'clock, Raison and Murdoch. Dirty's mom and manager are also planning on putting out a Dirt McGirt clothing line and DVD in 2005.

"Dirty's legacy will continue though this album, his music, his DVD and his clothing line for all eternity," Weisfeld said in a statement.

In related news, speculation around ODB's cause of death may include a drug overdose. Autopsy toxicology results are yet to be finalized, but, according to a report published by the NY Post, law enforcement sources say a white powder was discovered in a doubled plastic bag hidden in his stomach cavity. Apparently, the bag burst causing the powder to leak out a dosage that may have killed him.

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