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Whitney Houston Runs Car Into Bus   Print 
Thursday, 16 December 2004
R&B newsWhitney Houston hit a city bus with her Porsche on the outskirts of Alpharetta, Georgia, on Wednesday.

The singer walked away unscathed, but her ride unfortunately was not.

The accident, which occurred around 5 p.m. as Houston was pulling out of a shopping center, left the bus unmarked, but damaged the bumper of her vehicle, according to Alpharetta Police Department Officer Tom Patton.

As Houston was backing out of the shopping center's parking lot, a city bus was traveling down North Point Parkway, slowing down as it approached a bus stop. Houston misjudged the clearance between her car and the bus and clipped the bus' right fender with the right corner of her bumper.

"It was a very, very minor traffic accident," said Houston publicist Nancy Seltzer. "She's fine."

The Grammy winner, who lives with hubby Bobby Brown not too far from the scene, was cited for failure to yield while entering a roadway, a low-level moving violation in Georgia.

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