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Fat Joe, Jadakiss Respond To 50 Cent Disses   Print 
Monday, 24 January 2005
50 centThe ongoing feud between 50 Cent and Ja Rule has now caused the former to unreasonably diss Fat Joe for appearing on Ja's banger "New York."

In “Piggybank,” a song on 50's up-and-coming St. Valentine's Day Massacre, 50 reportedly lashes out at Joe with the following: "You thought 'Lean Back' was big in the club/my shit did 11 mill/your shit was a dud."

Earlier, 50 had told Hot 97 that he felt Fat Joe had been "subliminally" dissing him for quite some time now.

Fat Joe, a vet in the industry when compared to 50, isn't letting these reports slide.

"I really don't care what he thinks," Fat Joe told andPOP. "I'm not the battle rap type. I just think he's gone crazy. Ja Rule has been a friend of mine since before him and 50 got into a problem. I've been working with him, so he [targeted me] because I'm supporting him."

Joe, uninterested in taking on beefs with anyone, said he wasn't looking for any trouble with 50, but won't ignore the diss track, either.

"Although I'm Ja Rule's friend," Joe said, "Ja Rule has never told me, 'yo, let's get 'em together.' I've never been involved with that so it's really weird that [50] would be coming at me, but I guess the guy feels he needs this type of hype whenever he comes out with his album or whatever and how more credible could you be then disrespecting Fat Joe?"

"Let's hear his song first before we know what we're going to do," Joe said.

Meanwhile rumor has it that chairman of Interscope Records, Jimmy Iovine, will not allow Jadakiss to release a record striking back at 50, who was also dissed on “Piggybank,” as well as in print.

Recently, 50 told XXL magazine that Jadakiss was beneath him.

"I don't even see [Jadakiss] as competition," 50 ranted. "When you can't break a million records, and you call yourself going platinum? I know your numbers is 800 and change, and you can't get over that hump? And you haven't put out a record with your voice on the chorus? He's a great rapper, but he's not a great songwriter. I got artists under me that are better than him."

Although 50 also targeted newlyweds Nas and Kelis in his diss track, the only one to properly respond has been his arch nemesis Ja Rule.

"He's a clown," Ja told TRL. "He's a baby. Grow up, baby! What, this n---a think the world revolves around him? Let's be serious. He's digging himself a grave."

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