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Donell Jones – Journey Of A Gemini: Review   Print 
Thursday, 26 January 2006

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R&B reviews 

If you’re expecting Donnell Jones to make R&B that simply makes you feel, you need to look elsewhere. New school Quiet Stormers Dwele and Kem have already covered that ground. For R&B you can groove to, either Usher or Ginuwine would gladly meet your musical needs. And, with R. Kelly already crowned for catchy romps paying homage to the female form, where does Windy City native Donnell Jones fit in today’s R&B spectrum? Journey Of A Gemini attempts to answer that question.

Jones jumpstarts his Journey… with a ballad-driven travel down the rocky hills of ‘genuine love’ in search of that “Special Girl,” while the heart-tugging “Portrait Of A Woman” is an unpretentious call on the fellas to treat their women like they would their mama, sister, daughter, nanny (well except that last one). As if that’s not soul-stirring enough, the gospel-tinged sonic cornbread that is “Cry” tugs further on the heartstring. Drawing further from his pool of preachy tunes, Jones delivers a chorus that’s sure to make Farrakhan blush: “Black people we need to show our people a little loving (it makes me wanna cry)/ Get back in the church and read your Bibles, get out this struggle(it makes me wanna cry)//. Up-tempo bangers include “If You Want” with Texas Trill-ster Bun-B rapping over a corny R&B beat, while Jermaine Dupri mans both the boards and the microphone on “Better Start Talking” with adept showmanship.

Unlike his prior works: My Heart, Where I Wanna Be and Life Goes On, where Jones writes and produces 100%, the soundbed of
Journey Of A Gemini was crafted by a host of other producers – the "big dogs" (Jermaine Dupri) and the underdogs (Tim and Bob, etc). By designating production to others, Jones is able to focus on his songwriting and it works. If you’re looking for R&B to make you think, feel, and groove at the same time, then Journey Of A Gemini is your paramount all-in-one pallet. - Henry Adaso 

Download: "Better Start Talking" "Cry " "Fire" "Portrait of a Woman 

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